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Permanent Staffing

Prodigy specializes in sourcing executive level candidates for your North American business with the same reliability you've come to expect from Prodigy.

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The Prodigy Difference

Prodigy is the Professional Division of the established, high-level Staffing and Recruitment Firm. At Prodigy, our Talent Acquisition Specialists take the time to find full-time, contract and/or permanent career opportunities for our associates and connect them with our industry-leading clients.

For executive-level candidates sourced with the reliable processes you've come to expect from Prodigy, get in touch with us.

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Our Philosophy

We’re committed to sharing our vision and values with our staff, clients and suppliers to achieve distinct relationships built on cooperation and integrity.

Over the many years that Prodigy has been in business, we have approached every new position with the highest level of efficiency and dedication. We understand that employees who feel valued and motivated make tangible contributions to their company and attest to the company’s culture as a whole.

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Perfectly Tailored

Prodigy’s team has the ability to learn the unique challenges and requirements brought forward by our clients such as: job specific needs, cultural fit and skill sets required, which allows us to source suitable candidates and connect them with the right positions and organizations.

This is why we utilize multiple recruitment techniques, attend networking events and perform candidate “soft searches”, to allow us to send our clients the right candidate the first time around. Our strong recruitment efforts and strategies allow us to outperform our competitors.

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