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What is a Staffing Agency, and how does it work?

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What Is A Staffing Agency?

Job seeking can be time consuming no matter what your strengths, skills or experience looks like. From the job search itself to filling out applications, perfecting your resume and attending interview after interview; it can feel like job seeking is your new full-time job…without a pay cheque to show for it! Staffing Agencies can streamline all of this for you. A Staffing Agency, also known as a Temp Agency or Recruitment Firm, is a business that connects job seekers with employers and vice versa. The majority of Staffing Agencies offer temporary, temporary to permanent and permanent job placements. Working with a Staffing Agency connects the job seeker to a larger pool of jobs and the employer to a larger pool of pre-screened, pre-interviewed job seekers ready to start work today! Job seeker or employer, you are probably asking yourself how do Staffing Agencies work and how can I work with them?

How Does It Work For A Job Seeker?

A staffing agency will treat you in a similar regard as to when you are applying for a specific role with a specific company. You will have an application form to fill out, attach your resume, have a one on one interview and have job options presented to you based on your experience and skills. A Staffing Agency is free to you and they will match you to the best possible job option. Remember when working with a Staffing Agency they are your employer therefore they are your contact when booking your shifts or setting your schedule; they will be by your side through the whole process.

How Does It Work For An Employer?

All businesses have high seasons and low seasons, that is normal in any industry. Working with a Staffing Agency gives businesses the opportunity to hire temporary, temporary to permanent or permanent job seekers based on their needs and organizational goals. Based on these goals Staffing Agencies can fill your open positions without any interruption to your day to day functions. This will ease your workload and keep your organization on track, performing at a high level and reaching your goals.

How Do I Get Paid?

The Employee

It is a common misconception that Staffing Agencies take a cut off the top of the employees pay; that is incorrect. Employees who work through Staffing Agencies get paid a fair hourly wage based on the job there are placed with. These hourly wages are based on pay equity and what the employer sets the rate at.

The Employer

As for employers, they pay a markup on the hourly wage. Staffing Agencies will negotiate a fair markup based on the needs and goals of the employer and will bill the employer at the mark up. This markup covers the behind the scenes work the Staffing Agency completes for the employer prior to anyone being placed in their available jobs.